Today morning as I was busy preparing to go to ‘work’, something hit me hard. As my tradition I always prepare myself as I watch some series. I am series fanatic so I have to watch an episode or two before I leave. Lizz now you get why I am so slow in preparing myself in the morning hence my getting late especially on Sundays. Okay back to my story. As I was busy preparing myself,choosing the clothes to wear for the day, which top will match my shoes,mind you, fashion and I don’t see eye to eye. Which trouser to wear and how I will look that day. Isn’t this what goes on every single morning in our homes. Trying to find what to wear in order to look our best when we step out of the door to go to work or run our businesses.

Find the best outfit for the day,wearing the make up the right way, making sure the lip gloss is at the right place and finally wearing that cologne that will leave everyone talking. Don’t get me wrong its nice to look great. People usually say that when you wear right,it boosts your confidence. But have you ever taken a minute to ask yourself why you put that make up on. Why you take up so much energy to dress well. Is there something you trying to hide. That you don’t want the world to know about you or what you are going through.

What is it that you are hiding behind that lipstick,behind the make up,behind those designer clothes. What struggles are you battling everyday in your life. Because all of us have one. That one thing that if people knew you had,they will walk away,they will not want to be associated with you anymore. That one thing that you have been struggling with your entire life.

Is it that addiction that you have been trying to quit but you cant seem to say no to every time. Are you struggling with self-esteem issues,that each time you look yourself in the mirror all you see is that you are not good enough,you are not as beautiful as people tell you. You are not thin enough,you tummy is not how you want it to be. You are not big enough. You try to question if God made you the right way? What is it that you are hiding? Is it insecurity especially from that relationship that you are in? Does he/she love enough,am I the right guy/girl for them. Are you battling with rejection from family,past relationships. Having questions like why did it work out? Why did she/he leave me for them? What didn’t I do right. If I did this or that, maybe just maybe they would have stayed. For guys, do you try to wear well to cover it up,do you try to hit the gym in oder for you not to think bout that issue that struggle. Or do you as many do,drown your self In liquor to just for a minute to forget that struggle.

We all have that one thing that we try to hide very well that we don’t want anyone to know. But the funny thing is,there is one person who sees all that. Who sees beyond our make up,beyond our lipstick,beyond that expensive cologne we wear. The creator of the universe sees you the way you are.

When you get home in the evening and wipe that make up off your face,when you remove those clothes and throw them wear you keep your dirty clothes, when you get to see yourself,for who you really are,when no one is looking, thats how God sees you. The difference is,He doesn’t judge you or condemn you. He even says ““I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” (Jeremiah 31:3). When he looks at you,he doesn’t see the mess that you are in, the struggles that you are trying with all your strength to hide. He sees you as clean and as white as snow. He loves you just the way you are. Go to Him and cast all your anxieties to Him,for He cares for you and He will help you be able to put on that make up well, but this time not hiding your struggles but having a realization that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. He will teach you how to walk through that struggle. He will teach you how to accept and see yourself for who he made you to be and for who you really are; the child of the most High God.

Its time to put down that mask and go to your father, who accepts you for who you really are. Who loves you just the way you are. Allow him to take that struggle and fix it, for his strength is made perfect in weakness. And who better to fix you than Jesus.

So tomorrow as you wake up in the morning to dress up, and look all together lovely, have in mind that you are the very best of God, the apple of his eye,that God loves you just as you are. Don’t mind if you are mess. He will take that mess and make a message out of it. He is just waiting for you to go to Him and cry out “Daddy am here,please help me”. He is waiting for you; His beloved child.


Since morning, I have been thinking about this thing called love. It is a broad topic to get into which I wont get into today. So in a day’s time it will be valentines day. Where it will be celebrated all over the world. It comes with pomp and color with each person waiting to be surprised by someone who loves them. Boyfriends trying to please their girlfriends by buying stuff that they need,Husbands trying all their best to please their wives each year with a new gift not forgetting that with each new year you have to raise the bar higher and higher. Others will be getting married,starting a new chapter in their lives. Which better day than valentines right?

But today I have been bothered since morning,asking myself why people take time,money and effort to make sure that this day wont go without a hitch. Others have been saving their cash for this day. Making sure that in their meals,there is no meat or in the morning you drink kastrungi(no pun intended) so that your gal wont be angry at you because you dint forget to surprise her at home with a bouquet of flowers and wine or at the office,so that everyone will get to know that she is not alone this time round.

There is one kind of love which we should celebrate this year. The kind of love that is the reason we are alive and breathing. The love that makes us who we are despite our faults,mistakes and our messes. The kind of love that is unconditional,indescribable. That cannot be measured. The one that chose to be crucified on the cross so that we could all have a second chance. Do you have that kind of love in you. Because if you don’t,then its hard for you to understand what love is and why you should celebrate it in the first place.

We all want to love and be loved and to enjoy this love. But do you have Christ in your heart. He is the only one that can show you how to love right. To love through His eyes and like Him. So when you are busy planning for this valentines day special for your boyfriend,girlfriend,husband or wife, as you are busy budgeting what you will buy,where you will take them,how to pull that surprise that will leave them pouring praises on you until a time like this next year, you should ask yourself this question, “when I look at this gift that the Lord Almighty gave me,do I love them like He does? Do I treat them the way they ought to be treated? Do I take care of them the way God intended me to take care of them? Because its not about this only one day, its about a everyday event. You were given a responsibility to love this person and be there for them not only on valentines but every single day. You made a choice to love them and respect them no matter what?

When they wrong you,do you curse them with your words or do you like Christ open your arms wide enough and embrace them. Do you forgive them and remember their mistakes no more or do you keep reminding them what they did 15 years ago. Do you correct them when they wrong or do you keep the wrongs so that you can use them against them one day. When your partner doesn’t have money or resources,do you encourage them to be who God created them to be or do you start to wish that they can be like the others that have made it. Or decide to have a mpango wa kando to cater for your needs. Do you build up your partner with your words, or are you busy calling them names such as “my stupid man/woman,my foolish man/woman” or do you go to the author of love and ask Him to show you how to love this man/woman He has brought your way. Because we will one day stand before the Lord and be accountable for everyone we were given to love and how best we played our role.

So before you write that cheque,buy those flowers, book that presidential suit for a weekend gateway. Ask yourself this. Have I been able to love my partner just as Christ loves me, have I been able to thank him/her for sticking by me all along,have I been the best husband/wife according to the vows I made in front of man and God, have I been able to keep the promises that I made to him/her, have I asked for forgiveness when I wronged, have I forgiven when I was required to,have I been reflecting God’s love with the way I live and love? If you have then go ahead, if not why not start now and this time round,go beyond the norm. start by asking God for forgiveness and ask Him to show you how to love through Jesus eyes. And make this valentines day special and out of the ordinary. Let this year be different and make each day valentines day for the people in your life. Don’t wait for the 14th to show. Love everyday and make a little bit of heaven here on earth.